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Papyrus Cyperus 'King Tut' Grass

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'Baby Tut'  Grass

Egyptian Papyrus Cyperus

Ornamental Grass! Use in Large Planters! Plant in or beside Ponds. 

"SPECTACULAR" foliage is a terrific addition to Beds and Planters! Excellent in mixed container pots.

A nicely compact form of Egyptian Papyrus. Use as an accent Grass! Colorful, upright growing grass. Plant as a specimen or in masse for a stunning display of texture. A great addition to containers and beds near your patio or deck. An ornamental grass with narrow, arching leaves. 

  • Name Cyperus Papyrus
    Common Name King Tut
    Plant Type  Evergreen / Perennial
    Flower Color Green, aromatic foliage
    Size When Mature 48-72 inches
    Bloom Time Mid to late summer
    Sun Requirements Full Sun, with Afternoon Shade
    USDA Hardiness Zones 10-11
    Soil PH Range 6.0-8.5
    Soil Type Acidic to alkaline, well-draining, wet soil
    Water Needs High
    Native Area Africa