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PBN Corn 'Sweet Bodacious'

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PBN Corn 'Sweet Bodacious'

Strong Disease Resistance. Get the same sweet, flavorful and exceptionally tender corn as before—but with even more disease resistance than the original Bodacious. This improved variety has 16 full rows on every 8-in. golden ear. Enjoy its superior sweet flavor fresh, or save some for canning and freezing. "RM" stands for resistance to Common Rust and Maize Dwarf Mosaic. Also resistant to Stewart's Wilt. 75 DAYS.

  • Hybrid
  • Harvest Time: 86 days
  • Planting Depth:  1”
  • Plant Spacing: 3 - 4”
  • Row Spacing: 36”

Harvest when kernels are completely filled and in the milk stage. Use your thumbnail to determine this. The silks are dry and brown at this stage.