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PBN Lettuce 'Salad Bowl' Green

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Lettuce 'Salad Bowl' Green tablespoon

Crisp and tender with a sweet flavor. Crisp and tender with a sweet flavor. Large, deeply lobed, green leaves. Slow to bolt, non-heading. All-America Selections winner. Ready 45 days after sowing. GARDEN HINTS: Lettuce grows best in cool weather. Thinnings make delicious extra-early salads. Make successive plantings to extend the period of harvest. Maturity 45 days.

  • Heirloom
  • Harvest Tie: 50 days
  • Planting Depth:  1/8”
  • Plant Spacing: 12”
  • Row Spacing: 15”

Harvest the older, outer leaves from leaf lettuce when they are 4 to 6 inches long. Harvest heading types when the heads are moderately firm and before seed stalks form.