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Pepper Peppi Snacking Series

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Pepper Peppi Sweet Snacking Series

These small, pointed fruits ripen from green to red or golden yellow with incredible sweetness and rich flavor. The fruit are often seedless and are great for snacking fresh off the plant.

The Peppi pepper collection will grow seedless fruit under the right conditions! Grow plants in isolation from other, non-seedless peppers to produce seedless fruit that makes chopping quick and easy for recipes.

To produce seedless fruit, grow it in isolation from other (non-seedless) pepper varieties. If it is not isolated, it will produce larger, great-tasting fruit with just a few seeds. Best grown in-ground with support of stakes or a cage.
  • Characteristics: Culinary Use
  • Water: Medium
  • Fertilize: Every two weeks
  • Spacing: 18-24" (46-61cm)
  • Height: 36-48" (91-122cm)
  • Width: 24-36" (61-91cm)