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Pistacia Chinese Pistache Tree

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'Chinese Pistache' Tree

Pistacia Chinensis

Not to be confused with the edible Pistachio Nut tree, this ornamental deciduous tree is a knockout in the fall when its leaves turn glorious shades of red, yellow, and orange that will rival anything you see back east or in the Midwest. Native to China, it does well.

It loves full sun and seems unfazed by harsh climates, drought, and rocky soils, making it a popular choice for cities as street trees. In other landscapes, it makes a fabulous specimen, lawn, shade, or patio tree.

Growing moderately quickly to 25 (sometimes but not often upwards of 50) feet or so, it forms a rounded oval canopy that offers ample shade in the spring and summer months. When the 12” long leaves appear in the spring, they are a lustrous deep green and are divided into 2-4” leaflets. Give moderate to low water and enjoy the show!

Has bright green, compound leaves that turn brilliant orange to orange-red in fall. A medium-size, vase-shaped deciduous tree with an oval, rounded canopy reaching 25 to 35 feet tall and wide. Very drought resistant. Great as a specimen, shade or street tree.