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Prunus_'Rainier' Cherry Tree

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'Rainier' Cherry Tree

Prunus avium

One of the most in-demand varieties, for both its taste and beauty. Large, yellow fruit with a half-red blush; birds are less attracted, due to the yellow half. Very firm, sweet flesh has a fine texture and distinct, outstanding flavor. Bud-hardy and crack-resistant, making it the cherry of choice for backyard gardeners. A cross of the Bing and Van varieties. Prefers well-drained soil. Excellent for baking, canning, freezing and eating out of hand. Ripens end of May/early June, depending upon growing zone. Stores well. Pollinator required: 

Excellent for eating fresh, canning or preserves.

Plant a pollinator such as, 'Black Tartarian', Bing, or Stella for best production. Recommended winter chill: 400 hours. Deciduous.

  • Light: Sun to Part Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Height: 25 feet
  • Spacing: 25 feet
  • Zone 5-8