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Pumpkin 'Jack Be Little'

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Pumpkin 'Jack Be Little'

Mini Pumpkin  (Hybrid)
Adorable, miniature pumpkins, just 3" across and 2" high, for fall/winter decorations.

Jack Be Little Plants produce adorable, itty-bitty pumpkins that are perfect for decoration throughout the fall. Fits in the palm of your hand! Just 3" across and 2" high, kids will love these tiny pumpkins, which make great decorations for fall/winter. Each plant bears 6 or 7 fruits. Plant one plant every 2 to 3'. Produces lots of miniature, flattened, bright orange Pumpkins.

  • Days to Maturity: 95 Days
  • Fruit Size: 4-8 oz.
  • Provide ample water & fertilize regularly.