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Pyrus cerasifera 'Santa Rosa' Plum Tree

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'Santa Rosa' Plum Tree

Pyrus cerasifera

Beautiful in the Spring! Early blooms of small pink and white flowers.

Sweet, slightly tart taste, and deep purple red color. The skin of the plum is thin, and its yellow flesh clings tightly to the pit. Plums can be canned, made into jam, or dehydrated into prunes.

A really fast grower, it won't be any time at all before you start seeing the enchanting displays of flowers, leaves and fruits. And there's no need to prune, constantly water, or fertilize. Self-pollinating. You may want to plant pollinating partners to increase the size of your crops. Ripens in July.

    • Light: Full Sun
    • Water: Average
    • Height: 18-20 feet
    • Spacing: 18-20 feet