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Roebellenii Palm

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Roebellenii Palm

The Roebelenii Palm has graceful arching fronds, giving this tree an elegant appearance. The fruit produced is small, black and egg-shaped. This palm is excellent as a landscape plant (climate permitting) or as a seasonal patio décor accent or houseplant.

The Roebelenii Palm does best in partial to full sun exposure, thriving in indirect but bright light. For watering, water when the palms soil becomes slightly dry to the touch. While it can tolerate sporadic dry conditions, it does not like drought conditions. Do not oversaturate soil.

  • Foliage Plant
  • Prefers Well Drained Soil
  • Bloom-time: 
  • Light: Part Sun
  • Water: Medium 
  • Height: 7-8 feet
  • Spacing: 10 feet
  • Hardiness: 28°F