Seed Potato Purple Majesty

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Seed Potato Purple Majesty

Pick a peck of perfectly purple potatoes. These ever-so-delicious potatoes are purple through and through-with wine-dark skins and succulent purple flesh. The violet-toned, sweet, buttery spuds add pizzazz to potato salads and mixed vegetable dishes. Surprise your next sirloin with a helping of succulent purple steak fries.

Seed Potatoes It has the taste and texture of an ordinary variety, but boasts vivid purple flesh which retains its color during cooking. High in anthocyanin antioxidants, it’s better for you too. Ideal for mashing, baking, roasting and microwaving, as well as making spectacular chips and crisps!

3 bulbs per bag,

  • Light: Full Sun to Partial Sun
  • Water: Moist, but well drained soil