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Seed Tape - Spinach Viking

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Spinach, Viking-Seed Tape

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Spinacia oleracea

6.6′ (2m) biodegradable strip embedded with seeds

HEIRLOOM. This dependable spinach produces a heavy yield of glossy, tasty dark green savoyed leaves. A long-standing variety that shows good heat tolerance.

Planting & Harvesting

Seed Depth: 1/2” (13mm)

Row Space: 18” (45cm)

Sprouts In: 5-10 days

Thin To: 3” (76mm)

Spinach is cold-hardy and can be planted in early spring and fall, or winter in mild areas. Plant in full sun to light shade in rich, non-acidic soil. Make a shallow trench about ½” deep. Place seed tape in trench, cover with soil, and pack gently. Keep evenly moist until they germinate. Sow every 10 days for continuous harvest.

Harvest by pulling the entire plant when leaves are young and tender.