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Seed Tape - Lettuce Salad Bowl

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Lettuce, Salad Bowl-Seed Tape

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Lactuca sativa

6.6′ (2m) biodegradable strip embedded with seeds

HEIRLOOM. This farm stand favorite features large, notched, lime green leaves that hold sweet flavor in hot weather. Rapid grower and slow to bolt. Salad Bowl is a leaf type lettuce that does not form a head.

Planting & Harvesting

Seed Depth: 1/8” (2mm)

Row Space: 18” (45cm)

Sprouts In: 5-10 days

Thin To: 4” (102mm) 

Lettuce prefers cool weather. Select a location with full sun, or partial shade in hot areas. Sow in early spring or fall, or in winter in mild climates. Make a shallow trench about 1/8” deep. Place seed tape in trench and cover loosely with soil. Keep soil evenly moist for best growth.

For continuous regrowth, harvest by cutting no more that 1/3 of a single plant’s leaves at one time at soil level.