Prairie Blossom

Hosta 'Stained Glass' (Plantain lily)

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Large 10" brilliant golden leaves with wide dark green margins!

Creating a contrast with green plants, the lovely, heart-shaped foliage emerges green, turns golden with a dark green edge. Pale lavender flowers on spikes above the foliage. A herbaceous perennial.

Medium, a sport of Hosta Guacomole with similar look and growth but with brighter variegation. Variegation appears early and last throughout the growing season, deep veins give it a stained glass look, large fragrant pale lavender flowers. Use as a ground cover, for edging, or as an accent plant in the shady border.

  • Light: Sun to Partial Shade (Afternoon)
  • Water: Average Soil
  • Fertilize: Once a month
  • Height: 15-30 inches
  • Space: 30 inches