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Succulent Echeveria Sleepy

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Echeveria Sleepy


Echeveria Sleepy is known for rapidly forming attractive mounds and producing small orange flowers that are highly favored by hummingbirds. These succulents often thrive in rocky habitats at higher altitudes, where the soil is well-draining and prevents root issues. To achieve similar results in cultivation, use a porous soil and provide adequate bright light to prevent etiolation. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch and protect from frost. This unique hybrid is proudly developed by Altman Plants.

Do not over water. A light misting of water with a spray bottle once or twice a week is adequate for most succulents.

Our succulents are potted in Various sizes:

  • 2.5 x 2.5 inch square pot
  • 4.5 inch circular pot
  • 6.5 inch circular pot
  • #1 gallon pot