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Succulent Sedeveria Dark Elf

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Sedeveria Dark Elf


'Dark Elf' is a delicate teal-green, with rosy red tips that will slowly darken to a deep burgundy with bright light and cool temperatures. A slight deprivation of water can promote the same blushing as well. It  readily multiplies in the right environmental conditions. Drought tolerant when established. Forms rambling, clustering plants. Excellent for rock gardens. Sedeveria 'Dark Elf' is an excellent fit in a dish garden with eceheverias, sedums and other succulents. Sedeveria ‘Dark Elf’ is an Altman Plants original hybrid.

Do not over water. A light misting of water with a spray bottle once or twice a week is adequate for most succulents.

Our succulents are potted in Various sizes:

  • 2.5 x 2.5 inch square pot
  • 4.5 inch circular pot
  • 6.5 inch circular pot
  • #1 gallon pot