Sunblaster_7" high vent humidity dome fits _ 10x20 Tray

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SunBlaster 7" high vent humidity dome fits _ 10" x 20" Tray

The SunDome 7.5" humidity dome is ideal for rooting large cuttings and/or growing cuttings to large size after rooting.  But it is also useful for seed germination, early seedling growth, and propagating smaller cuttings.VISIBILITY – The plastic in these domes is clear and allows you to easily observe the plants—ideal for cuttings as well as seedlings

STURDY AND DURABLE – Heavy duty plastic construction will endure through many cycles
FULL HUMIDITY CONTROL – The two large top vents and two smaller side vents are adjustable and give you total control of the humidity levels in the plants’ environment
TALL – At 7" tall it provides lots of headroom for larger cuttings and plants
COMPATIBLE – These domes have standard dimensions and are compatible with all standard 10" x 20" trays and heat mats