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Tomato Planter's Recipe

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PBN's Recipe for Planting Tomato Plants (per plant)

2 Tbsp. Bone Meal (0-10-0)

2 handfuls of Compost Manure

2 Tbsp. Tomato & Vegetable Food (7-22-8)

2 Tbsp. of Magnesium Sulfate (Epson Salt)

1 Teaspoon Calcium Nitrate (15.5-0-0) 'Blossom End Rot'

Dig a 12'' deep hole.

Mix together loose soil, Bone MealManureTomato & Vegetable FoodCalcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate in the bottom of your hole.

Fill the hole with water and let drain. Put a little more soil and plant the Tomato plant. Fill around with loose soil (or planting soil). Mulch around stem and water thoroughly.

Side dress plant with 1/4 cup of calcium nitrate when small fruits are about the size of quarter and again 2 to 3 weeks later.

Once a month scatter about 1/4 cup of Tomato & Vegetable Food around each plant in a circle extending at least 2 feet from the stem in all directions.

* To better understand 'Blossom End Rot' click here.

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