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Prunus fruticosa Cherry 'Juliet™'

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Prunus fruticosa Cherry 'Juliet™'

A little sweeter than 'Romeo™' The best for u-pick and eating fresh! With average sugars at 20-Brix and notable lower acidity makes these dark red cherries the absolute best for fresh eating.

With its full-sized fruits, weighing an average of 5 grams, and dwarf habit, the newly introduced Juliet™ is also an ideal choice for u-pick operations. The fruits have large pits that are still easily removed with crank and mechanical pitting.

These cherries are significantly easier to maintain manage and harvest than conventional cherry trees. Extremely cold hardy.

  • Naturally dwarfed ornamental size - 6.5 ft. x 6 ft. wide
  • Extreme cold-hardiness
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Tasty full-sized fruit
  • Abundant lovely large white or pink flowers
  • Fruit: Dark Red
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Uses: Fresh eating and processing
  • Zone: 2b