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Arkansas Traveler Tomato

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Arkansas Traveler Tomato

Sweet, tart, flavorful tomatoes originating in the Ozark Mountains. This 100-year-old heirloom favorite from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas produces a number of rich flavorful tomatoes. Deep pink when ripe, the fruit is a balance of sweetness and tartness. One of the very best heirloom varieties. Disease-resistant vines. 6-8 oz. fruit size.

Indeterminate tomatoes will keep growing and will produce fruit until they are killed by frost in the fall. This type of tomato will bloom, set new fruit and ripen fruit throughout the entire growing season so you will have a longer time to harvest.

  • Type: Heirloom
  • Height:48-60 inches
  • Row Spacing: 36-48 inches
  • Days To Maturity: 80-85 days