Prairie Blossom

Patio F Hybrid Tomato

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This product is only available for local pickup

Enjoy fresh tomatoes on the patio or deck with this little charmer! 

This little plant is surprisingly productive. Masses of small, round, perfectly sweet tomatoes over a 2-month season.  You can expect up to 50 tomatoes on every plant, and these bright red, smooth-skinned fruits weigh between 3 and 4 ounces each. They are firm and crack-resistant, with good uniform coloring and terrific juicy-sweet taste. 

Determinate tomatoes are varieties that grow to a fixed mature size and ripen all their fruit in a short period, usually about 2 weeks. Determinate tomato varieties are often referred to as “bush” tomatoes because they do not continue growing in length throughout the growing season.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 24 inches
  • Row Spacing: 18-36 inches
  • Days To Maturity: 70 days